Tracking the trackers: Garmin, Fitbit, Runkeeper, Moves

(Update: Scroll to the bottom for more results)  I have long been mad for tracking pretty much anything, so when I started jogging, it was quite obvious I would be tracking my runs as well. I started with Moves ( an iOS/Android app that tracks your steps all day long, but also can recognise running [Continue reading]

Is the new colour of your company taken?

Is the amazing colour you just picked for your new company close to something already used by a big company? See an extensive list of “taken” colours at (collected by Galen Gidman) h/t +Nassos K.

Poetry in web motion

Ingredients: - a physics engine, - SVG graphics and - the Web Audio API. Bake and get something really cool (See it Chrome or Safari)  

On algorithhms forming communities: my best photos of 2013 (according to 500px)

During this holidays break I setup a new site for my photography and new profiles in 500px and Flickr. 500px is set up in a manner that all new photos get some chance at being viewed a few times (Flickr’s Explore section has a threshold of some number of views). So while I was uploading [Continue reading]

11 Rules on being a productive creative by Henry Miller

Henry Miller (1891—1980) was one of the most controversial American novelists during his lifetime. His book, The Tropic of Cancer, was banned in the some U.S. states before being overruled by the Supreme Court. During his time working on his book, he came down to the following set of rules: 1) Work on one thing [Continue reading]

On failing algorithms

For some perverse reason, despite being my job to write algorithms, I love it when algorithms try and fail. For the “year in review” feature, someone at Facebook thought that just matching a phrase like “it’s a boy!” in a status text meant that this was about a newborn, so obviously it should be in [Continue reading]

How Do You Rate As an Influential Author?

A new tool is attempting to answer that: Virante AuthorRank. As Virante’s Mark Traphagen clarifies, Virante AuthorRank is not Google AuthorRank. It is an entirely indepedent formula based on various factors. The ratings it produces are: - AuthorRank: This is the author’s overall Virante AuthorRank score. It is a combination of all the factors we assess. Use this to [Continue reading]

It’s the end of an era for web design

Ryanair has redesigned it’s website. Before it looked like it was designed in 1992 (because it probably was). Now it looks like someone paid 15$ for a template. But even that is an improvement. You don’t have to prove you are a human in order to get a ticket for starters. I guess the lousy [Continue reading]

6+1 WordPress initial-setup plugins

In my most recent WordPress installations, these are the plugins I install first: 1) Acunetix WP Security: all sorts of changes in settings and file checks to increase security 2) Limit Login Attempts: Straight-forward plugin that blocks brute-force bots 3) Simple Login Log: exactly what you imagine ;) 4) Google Analyticator: adds GA tags on your [Continue reading]

Data visualisation porn

The Digital Attack Map is a live data visualization, built through a collaboration between Arbor Networks and Google Ideas, that maps “distributed denial of service” (DDoS attacks) designed to take down websites around the globe. Many websites face targeted digital attacks by people who aim to silence their speech. This tool and visualization specifically surfaces [Continue reading]

Parallax for the right reasons

I’m not a big fan of parallax web sites, mainly because it’s being overused without much point and it is usually not well implemented, resulting in slow-loading websites. Once in a while though, you get a website where the parallax effect is actually part of the concept of the website. has an excellent new [Continue reading]

Breaking news: Old man doesn’t get the Internet

I love David Byrne’s music. Which is why it hurts me to read his article on The Guardian about the effect of web services on musicians (“David Byrne: ‘The internet will suck all creative content out of the world’“). Comments on some parts of it: “In future, if artists have to rely almost exclusively on [Continue reading]

How to learn to be a coder in 180 days

Just start coding! This is what Jennifer Dewalt did. In the last 6 months she create 180 small websites, day by day learning something new, from HTML/CSS to Javascript to working with APIs and then even “lower” to Rails and Node.js. You can start today too! :) See Jeniffer’s blog and sites

How to get rid of Google Maps, create your custom maps at Mapbox

MapBox is making it easy to setup a map that will not have the “everyone has it” Google Maps look. Already used by apps and sites like Foursquare and Evernote, Mapbox utilises open sourced map data from OpenStreetMap ( but also provides terrain and satellite layers. But the big difference from Google Maps is that [Continue reading]

What if your “page not found” 404-error message could help find missing children?

What if your “page not found” 404-error message could help find missing children? See how, here. h/t Lee Smallwood of NOD3x who have already implemented this.

Gadget of the day: Nokia USB external battery

Tried this out from a friend and ordered immediately one for myself! The Nokia DC-16 fits a 2200mAh #battery in 12cm for 25-30 euros, ready to charge your phone. It has a USB port so you can charge any phone, including iPhones (more information here, you can shop for it on Amazon and elsewhere). If [Continue reading]

Now, yes, this is a valid security concern on fingerprint scanners

The internet likes to ridicule new technologies, especially from high-profile companies like Apple. Even more, #Apple is a target for Android fans. So, you’ve probably seen the arguments about NSA and other secret government agencies being happy about now having access to a huge database of fingerprints (as if there aren’t already fingerprint databases in [Continue reading]


The Oatmeal (Matthew Inman) sums up everything that is wrong with today’s internet culture Surely you agree with me, right? :)

Statistics, statistics, statistics!

One of the best G+ tools, CircleCount has an update on their dashboard page. You now can get an nice summary with the following - number of public posts you have written - number of plusones/reshares/comments you have received for these posts - the same numbers but as average numbers per posts - the number [Continue reading]

How to build a stunning photo presentation

Here’s two things in one: a) a great set of New York photos and the locations to take them from, and b) guidance to developing an awesome photo/portfolio/whatever presentation. First head over to ReadyMag’s New York Photo Guide, enjoy the photos and absorb the user-friendly experience. From clear icons to keyboard shortcuts to AJAX-powered per-slide [Continue reading]

How to visualise awkwardness

The levelled part of the graph is the 5 seconds of silence after AOL CEO Tim Armstrong fired an employee in front of 1000 people for taking a photo of him :) The story: AOL boss fires employee in conference call for taking photo The leaked audio recording: AOL CEO Tim Armstrong (8/9/2013) Transcript at [Continue reading]

Quickly check the popularity of a Google+ post

If +1′s, comments and shares is not enough for your, here’s another metric to check for your posts. If you added a photo with your post, in the full view of the photo click the “Photo details” heading. It will show various information about the photo (dimensions, your camera, etc) and also the number of [Continue reading]

Glyphish icon set for iOS7

Like it or not, the iOS7 style is here to stay and will most likely affect not just mobile apps but also web apps. So, if you’re looking to stay current with Apple’s style, Glyphish has a new set with 200 thin-styled icons following the iOS guidelines. Check them out at (cost: $25)

Who will see your Google+ posts?

A great flowchart by Philipp Steuer on which users will actually see your posts. h/t Tim Grimes

Never say what technology can’t do!

“You wouldn’t download a car”?? Learn how to 3D print an Aston Martin h/t +Dimitris Agorastos

Helping charities just by walking

I previously wrote about using Earndit (see “Moves+Earndit: How to earn rewards while doing nothing (except exercise)!“) and today I used my credits for the first time on JustWorld International. JWI acts as a catalyst for positive change in the developing world by working in alliance with local partner organizations to provide basic education, nutrition, [Continue reading]

Timer “app” in Google’s search box

Another episode of the continuing series “Google prefers to give you answers rather than direct you to a site that has the answer”. Type “timer X minutes” to get a timer app with stop/reset buttons and an alarm sound in your search results. h/t +Travis Wise

Stuck on Earth: Amazing free world travel guide

This app looks so good, I can’t believe it’s free (I hope creator Trey Ratcliff doesn’t get any ideas :)) Features include: - Discover countless amazing places to visit—the best of the best. - A smart algorithm chooses the best locations and photos based on a combination of crowd-sourcing and curation. - A wonderful map [Continue reading]

Moves+Earndit: How to earn rewards while doing nothing (except exercise)

I’m posting this under Motivation because for me the end result is highly motivating. You can also file it under “technology for the lazy” because this requires a one-time setup and no need to ever think about it again :) So I’ve been using for some months Moves, a free iOS app (soon on Android as [Continue reading]